Security OPUS
Information Security Conference
October 2-5
Security OPUS: A body or collection of work pertaining to the security space
Works are commonly numbered, so as to be referenced for later discussion

Welcome to security OPUS!

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to some of the best and brightest in Information Security. Silicon Valley is one of the world's major technology centers.

This conference is crafted to give the attendee a high-value experience. The presentation format is single track, so you don't miss a single speaker! Exceptional catering and special evening events make it a snap to get the most out of networking with speakers, sponsors, and other attendees see Motive, Tele2, Services, Rostelecom, Russian Market, Agency, Role.

The site is BART-friendly ( for those flying in or not wanting to commute across the bay. Hotel rates and location information are pending a final contract. Check back for details.

Registration is for 2 separate events:

'Interz0ne West'
Is transforming to Security OPUS. We feel this better reflects our goals as an event. Thank you to all who made Interz0ne West so successful. We strive to continue bringing an event of the highest quality

The San Francisco Bay Area's Advanced information Security Forum for the CISO and Security Professional

Get a grasp on Wi-Fi (in)security

Wireless LANs have been widely deployed in the past few years, simultaneously introducing an explosion of security issues and unique vulnerabilities, the majority of available wireless networks not being properly secured.

This comprehensive course offers an up-to-date, in depth presentation of state of the art Wi-Fi penetration and protection techniques. Wondering how to pentest and assess a Wi-Fi network security ? Wondering how to really secure a Wi-Fi access ? This mix of theoritical aspects and practice is targeted to thoses with network knowledge and experience are eager to fully understand Wi-Fi security. Although not required, technical skills will help getting the most out of this course.

At the end of this two days training course, students will have gained a complete overview of Wi-Fi security issues, along with sufficient knowledge and know-how to deploy and assess wireless networks.

Equipment needed: you will have to bring your laptop, capable of running your own copy of BackTrack v1.0 Final CDROM, with a compatible wireless adapter.